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Hello my Solace!


I don't tell you this enough, but i'm so thankful for you. thank you for coming into my life. for making me smile. for making me laugh. for making me happy. i'm thankful that the universe sent you, and i'm thankful that i found u. Bab I know I won't see you every day, but when I do, it fills me with such joy. Hearing your voice and seeing your replies make my heart melt.I love being around you because you are my happy place. I'm not sure why I'm so fortunate to have someone like you in my life, but I thank papa god every day for making it possible. Bab How many times I told you that there is no reason why i like you, why i will choose you every day always remember bab i like you because you made me smile i like you because you have a huge and honest heart i like you and everything little detail about you i like you because you are simply you. I will always thank god and the universe for letting me meet you and for giving me a chance to live in the same time as you bab. Bab sorry if sometimes i make you feel like i dont interested but trust me i love more than you'll know, im just not good at expressing my feelings.Bab even if we're not together remember always that in a crowd I always got my eyes on you only. Bab ahm in a world full of uncertainties, one thing remains constant is my love for you. You've become an Important part of me, not just my everything but my always. There's no certainty if the ending will be okay or not, the only thing I'm sure bab is I'm here for you. I love you bab! 💗


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