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Are you a student or someone who wants to have a sideline? Isa ka bang parent na kapag free time after maglaba ay Facebook-facebook nalang?


Well, worry no more. While you're at home, you can earn 10,000 and up every month with Printave! 


Asking how?


1. Sign up as our Printave Affiliate to get started. 

2. Copy your purchase link and checkout 1 item of your choice. We require all affiliates to purchase products for their referrals to see what they are going to purchase or for your photoshoot purposes. 

3. Email us at partners@printave.ph for us to verify your account and you can now start earning 10% of the total product price, each order. 



Every order your customer makes using your link, 10% of that amount will go to your account and you can pay it out every end of the week. 


So, what are you waiting for? Pagkakitaan na natin ang Facebook posts and comments mo! Join now :D


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